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Naturalization request: what interest is there when you get a loan?

Do you possess a C permit? Are you considering to ask for the Swiss citizenship? What are the conditions and consequences in terms of a private credit procedure? Our explanation and advice.

Private credits and boiler financing

Are you a house-owner or do you wish to construct a building? Do you know how much it costs to buy and to set up a boiler system? We offer you a small guide on prices in Switzerland as well as our flexible financing solutions.

permis de travail en Suisse permis B permis C permis G frontalier carte de légitimation

Types of work permits: What are the main types of residence permits?

What are the different work permits in Switzerland? What are the conditions to obtain an authorization as a foreigner? What is the period of validity? We offer you an explanation on this subject and on the possibility to get or not a credit as a foreigner living in Switzerland.

Take out a loan despite debt collection – Is that possible?

Is it possible to get a credit in Switzerland if you have lawsuits pending? We tell you if people with lawsuits can get a credit, what is the ZEK and what is the link between lawsuits and credits.

credit insurance

Credit insurance: what is it for?

What is a credit insurance exactly? Actually, this term covers two distinct products concerning two categories of services. A credit insurance related to a personal loan has indeed nothing to do with a credit insurance linked to a factoring solution for SME. Our explanation.

Visa and Mastercard limit

Visa and Mastercard limit: how is it calculated?

Nowadays, nearly everyone owns one or more credit cards. However, the limits granted differ considerably from one situation to another. Do you know the key elements for determining your Mastercard or Visa limit? Our explanation.

Comparaison des taux: attention aux pièges! MultiCredit finance vos projets dans toute la suisse.

Comparison of interest rates: the pitfalls to keep in mind

The first thing that comes to mind when considering a personal loan is to check and compare the interest rate. Agencies are well aware of this, and are proposing lower and lower rates… which do not reflect the real cost of a loan. Our explanation.

Motocycle loan

Moto loan: what are the benefits of this solution?

Have you decided to buy a new moto in a near future? Do you need a little help to finance your project? Why not going for a credit? Between cost and advantages, discover this interesting alternative solution.

Chi puo' ottenere un prestito in Svizzera?

Credit refusal: what to do?

Your loan request has been denied? Wat are the possible reasons, and should you make another request? Are there any alternatives? Our explanation.

Tax deduction and personal loan

Tax deduction and personal loan: how to proceed?

Each year, many borrowers forget to deduce interests on current loans from their tax declaration. How does this deduction work, and which document do you need? Explanation.

ZEK: last statistics for 2015

ZEK: last statistics for 2015

Each year, the ZEK releases statistics about consumer loan in Switzerland for the previous year. What are the number for 2015, and what are the trends for 2016? Explanation.

House construction cost in Switzerland

House construction cost in Switzerland

Are you looking to buy your own house and become an owner? Do you know how much does a house cost in Switzerland? Here are some pieces of information regarding the building cost of a house in our country.

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