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Loan for expatriate

How to obtain credit in Switzerland when you are an expatriate, a diplomat, or an international civil servant?

Is it possible to find a loan when you are an expatriate? Yes, it is. If you want to finance your children’s education such as private schools and universities, buy land, a house, a building in your home country, or simply buy a car, our team is perfectly able to advise you. Our consultants speak English and we have handled many projects from expatriates.

Differences between leasing and car financing MultiCredit expert credit loan Fribourg Zurich Geneva Zug Switzerland car loan

Differences between leasing and car financing

Differences between leasing and car financing You have found your next car already and it’s time to think about how you will finance its purchase. Take a look on the comparison between two of the most common car financing methods: leasing and car financing via auto credit. Car financing Leasing Mileage No restriction, the car […]

Buying a boat: how does it work?

More and more people are buying boats so they can enjoy their summer on the water! Do you leave near a lake? Have you always dreamt of owning a boat but you don’t have enough savings yet? A boat credit is probably the best solution in your case!

Acheter une caravane: entre coûts et solutions de financement. MultiCredit finance vos projets dans toute la suisse.

Buying a mobile home

Do you need to escape the daily routine? Do you dream of plenty of freedom where you can sleep on the roads or on a campground? Then you would probably be interested in buying a mobile home! There is a wide range of models from the simple van to the real mobile home and the prices go up fast. While many resellers offer a leasing funding solution, the credit is seducing more and more buyers. Let’s see your options.

Electrical cars

Presented as revolutionary a few years ago, electrical cars have some difficulties to convince people. Between costs and technical constraints, is the clean mobility the future of the auto-mobile?

Vehicle credit and the freedom of choice

People who want to purchase a car are more focusing on the financing solution than the brand of the car itself. If numerous of buyers are ignoring it, opting for a credtit while purchasing a car can be the ideal solution. It will allow a bigger freedom in the matter of choice.

Rental car

Do you want to purchase a rental car? Do you want to know the various types of financing solutions that are at your disposal? We are proposing you possible options.

Buy a boat: boat loan or leasing?

Your dream is to buy a boat in Switzerland? Whether a sailboat, yacht, fishing boat, what are the financing options available? Which is the best one, and what will be the real cost for you? Discover our explanations.

Leasing and 178 code: our explanations

You have bought a vehicle in leasing? What is the 178 code? What is it used for? Discover our explanations.

Car loan: get the best offer!

Whether you are looking for buy a new car or a used vehicle, the leasing is not the only solution available. Have you ever though of a car loan? Discover this financial solution and its advantages.

Acheter son véhicule chez un mandataire auto. MultiCredit vous conseille dans toute la suisse.

Credit leasing: get rid of your leasing contract

You have a leasing that you wish to repurchase? In this article, we will explain you what you can do if you want to get rid of your leasing contract as well as the different possibilities to buy a car or get rid of your vehicle.

New car

You wish to buy a new car? Whatever it is a new one or a lease one the approaches are not always easy. We propose to you this week’s article to tell you the different point to take under account for buying a new car.

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