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Discover your own personal paradise: buy a house by the sea or in the mountains with the right finance!

Buying a second home by the sea or in the mountains is a dream for many, but it can become an affordable reality with the right financial approach. In this article, we explore the second home property market, the benefits of property investment and how the right finance can make your dream of owning a […]

Solar Panel Installation: Reduce Costs and Maximize Your Investment

Solar energy has become one of the most promising solutions to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. With the installation of solar panels, you can not only reduce your energy bill, but also generate clean and sustainable energy. However, the process of installing solar panels can seem complicated and expensive. In this article, we will […]

Private Credit: Your Ally for a Stress-Free Move

Moving is an exciting time but can also become expensive. Between security deposits, truck rentals and the purchase of new furniture, expenses can quickly accumulate. However, private credit can be a useful financial solution to deal with these expenses in a practical way. In this article, we will explore how private credit can be an […]

Renovations: Achieve Your Dreams with Private Credit

With the arrival of the renovation season, the idea of improving your home or investing in a refreshing pool you’ve always wanted becomes more enticing than ever. And why not seize the opportunity to purchase a vacation home abroad to enjoy your holidays in total relaxation? However, costs can often be a significant obstacle. But fear […]

Loan Solutions for Diplomats

Secure Financing in Switzerland: Tailored Loan Solutions for Diplomats Switzerland, a hub for diplomacy and international cooperation, hosts a vibrant community of diplomats and international organisation employees. These distinguished professionals, while contributing to global dialogue and peace, face unique financial challenges, particularly when it comes to securing personal loans. This article aims to shed light […]

House construction cost in Switzerland

House construction cost in Switzerland

Are you looking to buy your own house and become an owner? Do you know how much does a house cost in Switzerland? Here are some pieces of information regarding the building cost of a house in our country.

Real estate financing: loan or mortgage?

Real estate financing: loan or mortgage?

If a mortgage is the preferred solution to finance real estate, a loan can be a viable alternative in some rare cases. Which cases exactly, and how to choose between a mortgage or a loan? Explanation.

Renovation credit: why should Swiss homeowners choose this type of loan?

In Switzerland, according to the Federal Office for Statistics, more than one out of three people is a houseowner, and this number is constantly increasing.

Mortgage debt: 10 questions answered

We offer answers to your key questions related to mortgage debt in Switzerland. Amortization taxation, cost, we offer some explanations.

Credit in Switzerland

To get a credit in Switzerland may be the solution for the people who wish to realize a project. However, there are a lot of things to take under account before engaging yourself. To which financial institution to guide yourself? With this week article, you could get information concerning this subject and know which financial societies are reliable.

Modern house in Switzerland

You wish to realize your dream and have a modern house in Switzerland? What are the aspects to take into account before negotiating or signing a contract? Which towards financial company should one be directed to get a real estate loan? The article from this week will inform you precisely about the subject.

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