Why is PPI (Payement Protection Insurance) legitimate in this particular context?

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You can be exposed to many risks when you decide to borrow

The signature of a credit contract between you and the financial institution represents a commitment by both parties. It is therefore a relationship of trust that is established and the responsibility of the borrower is at stake.

However, even with sufficient will and a stable situation, you may be exposed to a risk that is not in your control. If this risk is not in your hands, you need to cover yourself with insurance that will insure your monthly payments.

Protect yourself against unforeseen risks

You can quickly find yourself in a tricky situation. In general, you can’t control all aspects of the environment that affects your professional and personal situation. How will you manage a sudden and important bill to pay? Have you thought about a possible accident that would disrupt your life? How will you react to your employer’s decision to restructure the company that could affect your income?

These are risks that requires us to think ahead and protect our backs if the unexpected happens. You can now combine your project with credit protection insurance. With such an option, no more stress in case of an accident. Control your unexpected events and make your life easier.

An optimal monthly insurance protection

If you are no longer able to meet your financial obligations, for example in the event of involuntary unemployment or inability to work or earn any income due to illness or accident, you bear the risk. With PPI monthly payment insurance, the dramatic consequences of an unexpected loss of income are at least somewhat reduced and your monthly credit payments are covered.

Avoid unexpected financial burdens and control random events that can impact your monthly payments. The loan repayment insurance guarantees you freedom in your activities without worrying about your next credit payments.

The Payment Protection Insurance monthly will be used in case of:

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Total incapacity to work
  • Incapacity of earnings

When you conclude a credit contract, you can protect yourself against unexpected events. MultiCredit’s fast and simple procedure gives you the possibility to insure yourself quickly. This insurance is available for a multitude of projects, whether it’s a personal loan, a car loan or a renovation loan, don’t wait any longer to get insured.

You will have access to:

  • Interesting conditions
  • A simple process
  • A flexible choice

It is now or never the time to take an insurance for the repayment of your loan which confers essential advantages. Don’t wait for the disaster to protect you but take the initiative and anticipate the risk to continue your credits in peace.

MultiCredit takes care of your request

You can ask for a monthly Payment Protection Insurance at the same time as your credit.

For all consumer credits, whether it is a vehicle loan, a student loan or a medical loan, you can include your monthly payment insurance in your contract without any difficulty. Trusting MultiCredit means optimizing, controlling and unlocking your budget. You will also benefit from a good diagnosis and obtaining a risk coverage with your credit protection insurance.

MultiCredit’s objective is to promote reasonable and accessible financing. The team is committed to defending the interests of its clients, which allows you to benefit from the best credit and insurance options.

Entrust us with your projects for a simplified and efficient procedure.

The article was written by Ivan Popovic from MultiCredit


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