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Divorce or separation: what will happen to my personal credit?

In these turbulent times, a little clarity about your financial situation is appreciated. What are your obligations to each other? Who remains in charge of repaying your credit?

Private credits and boiler financing

Are you a house-owner or do you wish to construct a building? Do you know how much it costs to buy and to set up a boiler system? We offer you a small guide on prices in Switzerland as well as our flexible financing solutions.

permis de travail en Suisse permis B permis C permis G frontalier carte de légitimation

Types of work permits: What are the main types of residence permits?

What are the different work permits in Switzerland? What are the conditions to obtain an authorization as a foreigner? What is the period of validity? We offer you an explanation on this subject and on the possibility to get or not a credit as a foreigner living in Switzerland.

credit insurance

Credit insurance: what is it for?

What is a credit insurance exactly? Actually, this term covers two distinct products concerning two categories of services. A credit insurance related to a personal loan has indeed nothing to do with a credit insurance linked to a factoring solution for SME. Our explanation.

Debt relief: how does private deleveraging work?

Debt relief: how does private deleveraging work?

Each year in Switzerland, many households fall into an over indebtedness situation. There can be a variety of reasons: unexpected expenses, accident, dismissal, divorce, or any situation change. In such cases, some companies offer debt relief solutions. What are those solutions exactly? How does private deleveraging work? Explanation.

Crowdfunding: alternative to commercial loan

Crowdfunding: alternative to commercial loan

The crowdfunding is an alternative system to commercial loan. That allows companies which are at the start-up stage or in phase of development to obtain funds outside the banking system.

Libertycard : the new Visa card combined with your Swiss Pass

Libertycard : the new Visa card combined with your Swiss Pass

Since 1 August 2015, the combination of a half price rail card with a free Visa card doesn’t exist anymore. The holders of the old formula automatically received their new Swiss Pass with the new LibertyCard, a new Visa card. Is this a winning combination for users?

Health insurance: premiums rise and costs

Health insurance: premiums rise and costs

Health insurance premiums can have an heavy impact on households expenses. The Federal Office of Public Health announced a premiums’ average increase of 4% in 2016. This rise can be different from a state to another, just like the consequences on your budget can vary a lot. Let us explain you in details how this growth can impact you, so you can decide if your coverage still suits your needs.

Courtier à Genève - Comment choisir au mieux? MultiCredit finance vos projets dans oute la suisse.

Broker in Geneva – How to choose best?

Are you looking for a broker in Geneva? Finance, insurance, foresight…whom to contact?

Do you live in Geneva and you need an experienced broker to advise you? Whether you want to get a credit, a mortgage, an insurance or a foresight plan, finding the best advisor is not always easy.

Acheter une caravane: entre coûts et solutions de financement. MultiCredit finance vos projets dans toute la suisse.

Buying a mobile home

Do you need to escape the daily routine? Do you dream of plenty of freedom where you can sleep on the roads or on a campground? Then you would probably be interested in buying a mobile home! There is a wide range of models from the simple van to the real mobile home and the prices go up fast. While many resellers offer a leasing funding solution, the credit is seducing more and more buyers. Let’s see your options.

Credit and scams : beware

If the majority of credit companies are well-known to propose quality services in complete safety, there are however more and more swindlers on the internet. These one are proposing credit solutions at a rate extremely low. How to spot such scams and how to avoid falling on the trap?

What’s the advantages of using a loan broker

Requesting a loan for buying a car or making some home renovation, is very common nowadays. Faced with growing demands numerous of credit agencies were born and calling on a loan broker became very popular. But is it really advantageous to pass by a loan broker for making a credit request? What should a client pay attention of? Discover our explanations to make the right choice.

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