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Finance your ecological projects with MultiCredit?

Ecology, sustainable development, renewable energy, carbon footprint and environmental protection: in recent decades, a number of terms that were previously used only by specialists have become part of everyday language. Over time, people have become more aware of ecological issues and the need to protect the environment. Green financing is gaining importance in Switzerland.

Today, many people want to follow the country’s good momentum in terms of green investing and sustainable products. You may be one of them and you know what? We encourage these initiatives by delivering green financing.

With its environmental policy based on climate-friendly technologies and resources that are recyclable, Switzerland can increase the competitiveness of its economy. You can soon be part of the projects thanks to ecological financing realized by our advisors.

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Did you know that a CO2 tax is collected on fuels? One third of the tax goes to the buildings program, which financially supports energy renovations and the use of renewable energies. All those who limit their consumption of fossil fuels are thus rewarded. It is the perfect time to invest in a more sustainable energy. We offer you green loan on electric cars, electric bikes and even on solar panels. 

It is important to note that air pollution emissions have been reduced, in particular thanks to a great deal of work done by the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities. As a result, the concentrations of particles have been reduced by half over the last twenty years. In order to maintain a suitable quality, Switzerland strongly supports the development of environmentally friendly technologies and green loans. The country shows a real willingness to adopt measures that strengthen the quality of life and provide security for the future. 

It is now possible for you to become more ecological from your home. You have been thinking about it for years but never decided to adopt a more ecological and sustainable way of life? Well, there are many solutions of green financing. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Replacement of the windows
  • Insulation work 
  • The installation of an insert instead of an open fireplace in your house

MultiCredit analyzes your green financing request

These are solutions that will allow you to warm yourself in a more ecological way. And guess what? All the financing such as those mentioned below can be taken care of by our teams.
With an adapted consumer credit, we will be delighted to help you finance your green loan.

You may have wondered how to be more environmentally friendly on your daily trips. Traveling to and from work probably accounts for the largest share of your environmental impact, both on a professional and personal level. Even the smallest trip can be made in a more environmentally friendly way, such as lunch breaks, downtown appointments and even walks with your family. MultiCredit offer you the opportunity to choose your new electric bike or electric scooter thanks to our consumer loans. This is the time to plan a budget, check your expenses and your current and past financial situation.

Did you think about installing photovoltaic panels on your roof? This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. This installation produces energy that is generated by converting sunlight into electricity through the photosensitive materials that make up the solar panels. The electricity produced is then stored in a battery. The advantage is not only to produce clean energy but also to enhance your personal property and save money. Since you become your own electricity producer, your bill decreases.

Do not hesitate to seek professional advice in MultiCredit for your next green financing. You can get a loan from 3’000 to 400’000 CHF with a flexible repayment from 6 to 84 months.

We hope this information has been useful to you and thank you for following us. 

This article was produced by Ivan Popovic from MultiCredit


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