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MultiCredit in Switzerland

Finding the best solution in the interest of our clients is our first mission.

MultiCredit is dedicated to support its clients in their everyday activities thanks to tailored and relevant advice used to define lasting and customized solutions.

In order to meet those criteria, the company reviews multiple options, collaborates with the most efficient banking partners, and negotiates the best benefits for its clients.


In 1999, Mr. Aslan, decided to set up his financing company, according to his values:

“Respect and communication leads to quality and service excellence”

His goal: provide access to his customers to reasonable and accessible funding.

We help our clients to :

  • Make a dream, let their project come true.
  • Solve a complicated financial situation.
  • Ease their daily lives.
  • Find an alternative to a negative answer given by the traditional banks.
  • Have access to desired funds at best conditions.
Münür ASLAN directeur Cashflex MultiCredit Fribourg le spécialiste du crédit privé en Suisse

Mr. Münür ASLAN – Director

Crédit indépendant - avantages

Since 1999

  • MultiCredit has handled more than 150’000 credit applications.
  • Keeps a portfolio of more than 65’000 clients.
  • Guarantees to work for you exclusively in Switzerland, keeping all your data confidential.
  • Guarantees the best rate to the borrower.
  • Provides suitable and relevant advice.
  • Offers a real added value to the structure of the loan.
  • Does his best to defend his client interests.

Those facts made MultiCredit one of the most prominent players among the Swiss financial brokerage firms.

Our values

MultiCredit's values, based on its commitment to defend the interests of its clients and its proximity, have enabled it to distinguish itself and establish its reputation and credibility.

Knowing our values will help you understand how far we can commit to you:

All fields

all horizons

MultiCredit can handle all requests coming from its clients, residents of Switzerland, with various backgrounds.

« To meet our clients and be able to talk with each of them in their own language is a choice, coming from our hearts. The ability of our experts to speak several languages, emphasizes perfectly our commitment. »


always human

Behind each request there is a person, MultiCredit takes into consideration your whole personal situation.

We always insist on reasonable credit option and we check systematically the situation of our clients, in order to prevent over-indebtedness.



We are always aiming to offer services, tailored to your personal needs. This means, that sometimes we have to look for alternatives of products, which cannot be obtained.

We pay the highest attention to the security and confidentiality of your personal data, as well as to the bank secrecy.

MultiCredit enjoys numerous testimonials from its happy clients and we thank them.


Personal loans, loan repurchase, leasing repurchase, repurchase and consolidation of credit card balances, credit cards, but also debt reduction assistance: our specialists will support and advise you in all these areas.

You are :

Employee, civil servant, executive officers, international civil servant, cross-border worker, expat…

We work daily with you to provide you with a new offer or simply to advise you.

You are searching for a specific solution?

Do not hesitate to call our credit agency, or browse our website or you can even apply online for a free and confidential credit quote by filling out our form.

  • We handle credit requests across Switzerland.
  • We fulfill more than 15’000 requests per year.
  • More than 10 experts are at your disposal.
  • We handle cases in different languages (French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish,…).
  • We advise our clients about all possibilities they may encounter
  • We have at our disposal a large portfolio of products suitable for every need.
  • We store your data in Switzerland through secured servers.
  • We guarantee that your application will be handled in less than 24 hours.
  • We offer credit rates lower than what the competition can give you.
  • We provide not only loan offer, but additional financial analysis and customized recommendations.

Meet our team

Silvia Llaneza agency manager

Silvia Llaneza
Agency Manager
+41 79 291 53 91


Commercial apprenticeship “S”.
CYP Swiss banking – Practical banking training for apprentices.


French, German, and Spanish

Mathias Tonini Back-End developer

Mathias Tonini
Back-end Developer
+41 26 323 11 30


BA in computer science.
MSc in computer science. Specialization: Software Engineering.


French, English, and Italian

Bertrand Petit FullStack developer

Bertrand Petit
FullStack Developer
+41 26 323 11 30


Professional degree in micro-computing and networks.
Training in full-stack web development in self-taught.


French, and English

Ivan Popovic in charge of the marketing activities

Ivan Popovic
Marketing Associate
+41 79 934 21 34


BA in law, economics, and management.
MA in Banking and Finance.
MA in Business Management. Specialization: Strategic Entrepreneurship.


French, English, and Serbian

Susana conseillère en financement - MultiCredit

Susana Nunes
Financial Advisor
+41 79 936 31 43


French, German, and Portuguese

Fatima conseillère en financement - MultiCredit

Fatima Lagoa
Financial Advisor
+41 79 936 31 75


French, English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish

Magali conseillère en financement - MultiCredit

Magali Wymann
Financial Advisor
+41 76 470 16 61


French, English, German, Portuguese, and Italian

Francesca conseillère en financement - MultiCredit

Francesca Puleo
Financial Advisor
+41 79 903 57 39


French, and Italian

Edona Kastrati the apprentice

Edona Kastrati
+41 79 248 85 41


French and Albanian

Mehmet Erkaslan business contributor

Mehmet Erkaslan
Business Contributor
+41 78 615 72 36


French and Turkish

At your service !

For more information, consult our specialist or ask us for an offer!

T: 026 322 23 10   M: 076 470 16 61

Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

    Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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