Lease Refinancing For Your Vehicle – No Hidden Costs

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check Lease Refinancing For Your Vehicle – No Hidden Costs

Lease refinancing? Credit vs. leasing, think about it

MultiCredit will help you to analyse your costs and save money.

A credit can sometimes be more suitable than a leasing in order to finance your purchase. Finance the residual value of your currently leased vehicle.

From CHF 3’000 to CHF 400’000, refinancing of a leasing allows you to pay back your vehicle in the short term, at a lower overall cost and avoid all the hidden costs of leasing.

No more constraints for selling you car, for insurance level, maintenance and mileage.

Which advantages are involved in the lease refinancing?

Improve your budget, optimize your financial capacity, become an owner.

  • A complete refinancing (of a car or any other good).
  • The lowest interest rate linked to your specific situation.
  • The possibility to choose the duration of your loan repayment period.
  • If necessary, you can request a credit increase.
  • With our insurance policies, protect your loan with a monthly payment protection insurance in case of death, and optionally in case of illness, accident, disability and inability to work.

Lease refinancing, the fastest and easiest option, offering you the freedom to become the owner of your good.

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Auto lease refinancing

Give yourself more options for more freedom.

When you refinance your car lease, you can:

  • Choose the level of your insurance
  • Forget about the mileage limit
  • Set the price and the time when you decide to resell your vehicle.
  • Finance a new vehicle.
  • Schedule your repayment over a period of 12 to 84 months.

Free, fast and non-binding offer, designed for any type of vehicle lease refinancing (except trucks).

Simple, fast and non-binding

Car loan, as simple as a 2 minutes online application!

MultiCredit makes your life easier. Our team handles all administrative procedures when it comes to refinancing your lease contract.

Do not hesitate to contact us and get an offer, kept confidential!

Enjoy for free our professional piece of advice, it is quick and non-binding.

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What are your credit options?

Estimate your budget with our calculator and take a look at our case studies

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    Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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