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MultiCredit has answers to all your questions!

You probably have many questions about credit applications and the different aspects related to them. MultiCredit has answers to all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other question!

Who can take out a consumer credit?

First, you must be working in Switzerland and have no lawsuits on your record. You should be a Swiss citizen or have a residence permit (B, C, G or legitimation card) and be between 20 and 68 years old.



How can I get a loan and what fees do I need to pay?

You can obtain a free offer without obligation by making an application (on the website, by telephone or in person in our office). There are no fees for receiving the loan or for processing the application. You only have to pay back the loan (and interest) if the contract is approved.



What interest rate should I expect?

The interest rate in Switzerland is usually between 4.5% and 9.9%. The exact interest rate, however, is determined after your application has been processed. This happens due to your personal conditions and, possibly, on the basis of earlier or existing agreements. In case you are offered an interest rate below 3% (usually from a private e-mail or contact abroad), it’s most probably a fraud or there are additional hidden charges. Please do check thoroughly before applying. MultiCredit experts will be happy to assist you.


I have a B or C settlement permit. Can I obtain a consumer credit in Switzerland?

Anyone possessing a B, C or G settlement permit or a legitimation card can apply for a personal loan in Switzerland.



Is it possible to pay off my personal loan before the end of the agreed term? Are there any advantages in doing so?

According to the Consumer Credit Act, it is possible to repay your credit before its due date without additional costs. Simply order your final statement and benefit from a reduction in interest or you can alternatively pay a higher amount each month and pay off the loan in earlier. Ask us for a calculation!



How can I take advantage of a repurchasing, restructuring or consolidation of credit, leasing or credit card balances?

If you possess loan(s), you can always benefit from refinancing or converting them into a single consolidated credit. This could bring down high interest rate or/and reduce your monthly expenses. MultiCredit will take care of all the administrative procedures concerning this process, you just send us an application.



Can AI (disability insurance) pensioners and AHV (old age pensioners) obtain a personal loan?

Credit is granted to AI and AHV pensioners on the basis of their income. Lenders take into account the income on the bank account as well as the identity document or residence permit. Of course, you must not be receiving supplementary benefits, you must not have any pending lawsuits and the maximum age is 68. We encourage you to make an application and find out the exact amount you can get.



Can self-employed person, managing partner, chief executive officer or managers of a company take out a personal loan?

Yes, such a person can apply for a personal loan without further formalities and profit from all its advantages. It’s quick, simple and discreet! The amount vary from CHF 3,000 to CHF 400,000 and the pay-back period can be from 12 to 84 months. Of course, it is possible to prepay the loan and benefit from a reduction on the interest.



What are the options for the duration length of a loan?

You have the option of repaying from 12 to 84 months, but this will depend on your financial situation and residence permit. Contact us for more information.



Are the interest rates on a consumer loan fixed throughout the entire contracted period?

Yes, when you borrow a personal loan, the interest rate is fixed for the whole contracted period, so there is no variation or fluctuation in the agreed interest rate. You keep the same percentage of interest from the beginning.



What are the differences between a leasing agreement and a car loan?

With a car loan the interest is tax deductible, the vehicle belongs to you, you are free to take out comprehensive insurance cover, you can sell the vehicle at any time without penalty. When you pay cash (via loan) for your car, you can negotiate the amount. With a leasing contract, you don’t have these advantages because you are renting the vehicle and therefore have less flexibility. It is important to calculate all the costs involved in leasing and compare them. We recommend taking out a loan credit.



Can I get an additional credit if I already have an outstanding loan with another financial institution?

Of course, you are entitled to a credit top up as long as your financial circumstances allow it, you have to apply to find out how much you can get.




I purchased optional insurance coverage “monthly payment insurance or PPI” in case of disability and unemployment. What will be my benefit?

If you have taken out this insurance coverage from the beginning, you will be able to benefit from the coverage, i.e. the insurance company will pay the bank for a maximum of 9 to 12 months (depending on the institution). As soon as you find a job, the coverage will stop. Of course, it is necessary to read the general terms and conditions of the insurance company for more information.


Is the interest on my loan deductible from my tax return and when I will receive a tax certificate for my tax return?

Normally, the certificate of interest is sent automatically to each client around mid of January. Do not hesitate to contact us to order such if you have not received it.



Which company is Cashflex MultiCredit?

We are a neutral and independent consumer credit consulting and brokerage company, and we advise throughout Switzerland. The company is registered in the Commercial Register of Fribourg. Our employees speak German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.



Do I have to pay fees to Cashflex MultiCredit?

No fees are charged, offers are free of charge and without commitment from your side.



How long has Cashflex MultiCredit been on the market?

We have been active in the financing market since 1999, giving us a long history of experience and expertise.



Who leads Cashflex MultiCredit?

The company has been found and managed since 1999 by Mr. Münür ASLAN, who holds a federal diploma as a banking specialist (ISFB) and a diploma in Business Risk Management (DAS, UNIGE). Mr. ASLAN is a head of a family, living in the canton of Zug with his partner and their 3 daughters. The company has 8 employees in the office in Fribourg.

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    Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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