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What is the real cost when you want to buy a mobile home?

The acquisition cost for a mobile home varies in function of the type of vehicles (2-4 places), the model, and of course if it is new or already used. It is possible to buy a second-hand mobile home from 6’000 Chf, but the new vehicles easily cost  many thousands Chf, or even more for a high end model. In the end, whichever model you would like, if you don’t have the money to buy a mobile home cash, it’s funding will have to come from a leasing or a credit solution.

Credit or leasing?

Most of the car dealers systematically offer a leasing solution but the credit is in reality as interesting, if more. With a credit you can:

  • Benefit from a complete freedom when it comes to choosing the vehicle (brand, model, price, new or second-hand).
  • With fixed monthly payments, you can easily plan your budget.
  • The vehicle is entirely yours. You are free to resell it at any moment in contrary of a leasing which is more of a “long-term loaning”.
  • In deducing the mobile home credit interest of your tax declaration, you are saving some money from your taxes!
  • On a reimbursement duration of 3 years or less, the credit is as advantageous if more than a leasing. For instance, 15’000 CHF on 12 months will cost you on average 784 Chf all-inclusive.

Claim an offer

Do you have some hestitation regarding the way of buying your new mobile home? Do you know that it is possible to easily obtain a free quote for a credit? For instance, our partner Multicrédit offers specific solutions for a mobile home funding. Specialists will suggest you a non-binding offer that will let you estimate the credit cost in function of the estimated reimbursement duration.

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