Buying a boat: how does it work?

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What are you options?

Switzerland and its many lakes offers multiple opportunities to do water sports or to navigate! When summertime approaches, boat owners go on the Geneva lake and enjoy wonderful sailing surroundings. Why not you? Whether it is for leisure, nature, sport or family time, motives to buy a boat are as various as the boat types at disposal!

  • Small motor boats: ideal for water sports like wakeboard or waterski. Prices can go from Chf 10’000 to Chf 100’000 depending on the model, if it is new or already used.
  • Cabin boats: perfectly adapted for slow slidings and family trips.
  • Fishing boats: especially made for professionnal or amateur fishing. You can get one from Chf 3’000 for a small boat with oars, or up to 70’000 if it has a cabin and a motor.
  • Sailing boats: The ideal solution for small budgets who want to respect the environnment!
  • Yachts: the must have for all the leisure and cosiness lovers!

Why would you need a boat credit?

Purchasing a boat can quickly become expensive depending on the type or brand you will choose. A boat credit will give you the possibility to buy your good directly and to reimburse it later! With a flexible financing solution, you can enjoy sailing pleasures this summer already while planning your reimbursement on a long term duration!

  • The boat is yours: you can resell it anytime you want, which is not the case with a lease solution.
  • The interest rate is fixed on the whole contract term. Furthermore, the interest is tax deductible!
  • You can choose your insurance and you benefit from a covering in case of death, illness or an accident.

Useful advice before buying a boat

It is not always easy to choose the right boat among the many options available. It is thus recommended to browse depending on your needs (water sports, fishing, leisure,…) as well as the type of waters you will be sailing on. Ask to test it on the water first! Make sure to sort out the boat documents before you buy it.

Do you need a financing solution?

Do you want to buy a boat for the summer? If you need a personalised financing solution, our partner Multicredit will be able to offer you quickly and easily a boat credit!

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