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Credit in Switzerland response in under 24 hours

Need a credit in Switzerland? Sometimes, people have to deal with an emergency for various reasons. We are never sheltered from a pressing matter that requires an important figure. When you are in such immediate need, what matters most is being able to call upon a trusted credit agency with fast process. This will allow […]

Credit union in Switzerland

Many people are looking for the best loan conditions. These people sometimes wonder about the possibility of obtaining a loan from a credit union in Switzerland. We offer here some explanations and clarification on the subject.

English in Switzerland

Are you an English in Switzerland? This week we look at English expatriates who decided to move in Switzerland. Why? What are the benefits and what future for the English in Switzerland? Learn everything within this article

How to safely refund your loan to avoid fees?

What is the best way to avoid additional fees when you make a loan? Many borrowers find themselves paying a lot of reminder fees on their current loan. But what are the safest and more convenient means to avoid the additional fees related to a delayed payment? In this article, we will explain the most effective ways to avoid late payments.

Investment credit for independents and entrepreneurs:

Many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to fund some investments for their company through a loan. The investment credit is difficult to obtain for independants in Switzerland. In this article, we offer an explanation of the difficulties and ways obtain an investment credit.

The 3rd pillar : a question of choice

According to study from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, the 3rd pillar owns a capital importance specifically among the youth. It also emphasizes on the differences between the regions of Switzerland, the age ranges and the savers’ genders.

Immigration in Switzerland

For two years now, the crisis in the Eurozone caused an increase of immigration in Switzerland. Many people immigrate to Switzerland to escape the stringency in their own countries. In this article, we wish to give an impartial look on this immigration in Switzerland: what causes this immigration and what is the profile of the immigrants?

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