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Have a credit in Switzerland

It is possible to verify that more and more people, used credit. Especially, when it is in financial trouble or difficult situation. Despite their emergency situation  ask for  a credit is a bad decision because when you make a loan you must be sure to have a good financial situation otherwise they will be unable to  lend you money. What are the most important point to take into account if you want to ask for a credit? A bank or an agency? This is the point that we are going to approach  in this, week article.

 Have a credit : Advantage in loan’s agencies

Usually, banks are not the best financials organizations, because their proceedings are long. On the other hands, have a credit towards a loan agency or make a request on the internet site allows you to have many advantages. (fast, simple discreet and professional). By doing, an online request you will receive an answer between 24 to 48 hours and you get a complete discretion without moving.  Apart from this simple solution, professionals offers you, qualities services, as well as case tracking from start to finish.

Before to have a credit what must be under account?

 Before to do a request, it’s important to know what you really need. Do you need a credit for real needs or just to realize a pleasure to your heart? In order to have higher chance to get a credit it’s important to have fixed income and a strong case who allows you to reimburse your credit. Know that it may be very difficult to make a loan in case of financial difficulty, and you can’t request a loan in case of pursuit.

Pay attention to conditions of agencies.

To know that the low obliged financials companies to wait minimum 7 days before to unlock the wish amount (from the time the contract is completed).  So to have a credit without losing time it’s important to be well-informed about the conditions of the loan before committing. Moreover, is not recommended  doing several loan request in various agencies, because all the information of credit are recorded to the ZEK.  Thereby, making several application in one they won’t allow you to get more credit and you will have to wait several months to reapply.

Have a credit is simple

If you wish more information to have a credit don’t hesitate to contact our partner Multicredit. After you will be informed,  about the conditions and be able to get a loan. Make a request through our online form.  A simple solution and discreet for making a loan.

Need more information?

If you want to have a credit and wants to learn more about our conditions you can contact us.  All infocredit team would be glad to counsel you.

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    Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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