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Who are the people asking for a credit?

In Switzerland, we estimate that one person over three request a loan in his life. So for a Geneva population of about 200’000 people that represent more than 65’000 request of credit in Geneva. However, you must consider the special position of Geneva and the wide populations of the border around. So we find several borders living in Annemasse, Annecy, Evian. The people be living in France but working in Switzerland, can as well have a loan to the Swiss banks, request of credit in Geneva for border are also very frequent.

What are the conditions for having a credit in Geneva?

The condition for having a loan depend practically about the nationality and the type of management permit. In all cases certain condition applies to all:

  • Work in Switzerland minimum income of 2’900 Chf/ months (for the couples, the spouse’s income can be considered)
  • Don’t have pursuit, act or failure to properly
  • Be aged of 18 minimum and 68 years old maximum (except see our partner page about age for a loan for more information)
  • For Swiss citizen, no other conditions is required, to request a loan. The stranger and borders must, however satisfy the following condition, for a credit in Geneva:
  • Borders (G permit): Working in Switzerland for a minimum of three years (See our partner Crédit Frontalier)
  • Stranger with C permit: No other conditions
  • Stranger with B and L permit: Working in Switzerland for a minimum of one year and two years with L permit.

Banks of credit in Geneva:

The Swiss law about consumer credit (LCC) is very strict concerning loan. Rare are the credit banks proposing personal loan. So, paradoxically, if Geneva is a financial place of higher importance with a lot of banks obtaining a credit in Geneva is not always easy. Given the large number, of bank’s institutions, sometimes it’s not easy to know whom to contact. So it’s important to know where to go for having a loan proposition that is both fast and interesting, at the level of interest.

To obtain an offer of a credit in Geneva

In order not to deceiving you, and to appeal directly to a specialist, we recommend you that appeal to an experiment broker. So, Multicrédit, with more than 10 years of experiments in areas, may do upon request request an online loan offer free and without commitment. So in case of interest don’t hesitate to contact us for making a loan application. The offer will be available for one months and will allow you to compare, if you wish with other offers credit in Geneva.

You wish to obtain a credit in Geneva? If you are Swiss, stranger or borders we can propose to you an article in order to choose your financial partner.

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