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What is a legal protection?

In Switzerland it exists several kind of insurances. So a sickness insurance will reimburse the cost of your doctors. A car insurance will reimburse the cost of the reparation of your vehicle, etc… A legal protection is simply an insurance who will reimburse all your potential cost linked to a lawyer or a legal procedure.

Why subscribe a legal protection?

Many people are hesitating to subscribe such an insurance. After all, the question that everyone is asking himself is:”what are the risks that I have to pay for a lawyer or a legal procedure”? Be honest most of the people think that the risk is rather lower. However, we are wrong to limit the legal protection to an insurance in case of contention. Indeed, a good legal protection will propose you furthermore, then its legal protection service he will propose to you an “assistance service”. It means that subscribe to a legal protection will allow you not only to be insure against the cost linked to dispute, but as well to benefit on simple demand, free and immediate legal advice. Most of the people that opt for a legal protection are considering this point as more important.

a legal helplines in case of need

In general manner, we note that benefit from, on simple call, a legal hot line is useful even essential, in many cases. Often people don’t know their rights and don’t know how to react in the situation of conflict. With the legal protection it’s possible to get the advice from a specialist in case of dispute or conflict. And, this kind of situation happens unfortunately, more often than one would think :

  • A dispute with an employer: for an unpaid day off, unfairly dismissed, an obligation to come to work on the week-end,…In general matter the employees ( as the employer sometimes), are not always aware of their right, who governs their relationship employees-employers, what it lead to many conflicts situations or abuse.
  • Dispute with a company or administration: Do you know that you have the right to ask for a lower rent? To contest the decision of your sickness insurance to not reimburse such and such benefits? The dispute with the administration (whatever are public or private) are numerous. With a legal protection, a simple call will be able often clarified the situation and allow you to know your rights.
  • Serious litigation: In the end there are always the possibilities to a “worst litigation” who require a contact with a lawyer. In case of legal dispute  we could reassur you and explain to you how things will go, and the details of the procedure to come and simply come through you

How much is it?

The cost of a legal protection vary a lot from a company to another. Indeed, it exists in Switzerland numerous insurances companies that are proposing legal protection solution. It’s important before you sign to inform you about the cover that you have chosen. Indeed, unnecessary to choose the insurance company the “less expensive” If the offers services are minimals…. In every case the monthly cost of a legal protection is usually less than 50 Chf / months is relatively reasonable if we consider the benefits that it brings.

To whom ask for some help?

You want to know more about the legal protection or get a free quote and without commitment for a quality coverage ? Our partner legal protection could inform you and propose to you a concrete solution: Don’t hesitate to require to their services to benefit from a legal protection insurance.

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