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Multicredit: A strong relationship with its clients

As a private individual, it’s not easy to do the approach for a first credit. Towards, which banks request a loan? Can we trust the brokers and the small agencies? Which information must be provided? What are the chances to obtain a loan? That’s for answering to these questions and to the expectations to the customers that CashFlex Multicredit‘s has been created. It has been more than ten years that the company has been given priority to a strong relationship with its clients. Especially by insuring them a quality and professional services.

Why Multicrédit?

It exists several actor in the consumer credit market. Choose Multicredit, that’s first of all choose a solution that is adapted to the needs of the consumers. In its vision of the company, there are as many loans as clients, every case is unique( that’s why we have a composed the name Multi and Credit) and every case must be treated in the same spirit: In the respect of the work well done with kindness.

Choose a loan at Multicrédit, that also choose a solution with simplicity. Indeed, the company insure to simplify a maximum the approach for obtaining a loan.

Obtain a loan at Multicrédit

In the mind to give the consumers credit accessible to everyone, without administrative complications, Cashflex Multicrédit has been able to simplify considerably the approach for having a loan:

  • An application allows you to select the amount that you wish for and the length of the reimbursement, then complete its application with its contacts details and some information that are necessary to treat your request. In the 10 minutes that will follow, a professional will call the clients and tell him which documents needs to be provide in order to do a loan offer ( This one is free and without commitment).
  • Once the files has been received (by e-mail, fax or mails). The company will send you an offer for a loan in the 1-2 open days. The offer is without obligation and available during one month. The interest rate, is negotiated at the lowest is usually one of the best on the market.
  • In case of acceptance the client received his money either on the bank account, post account or by cash.
  • Multicredit is at the disposition of the client on call for an information, a lower interest rate or an additional loan.

Discover Multicrédit

On the internet website you can find the information on the company, its conditions and the possibilities to test their loan calculator and the online credit. Moreover, you can visit our mobile version on the site.

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    Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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