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Buying a new car

Before you engage yourself, compared the different offer and choose the style that suit you the best. To acquire a vehicle is an important decision. Choose the one that you real need and ask yourself the right question. At what is going to serve the vehicle? Who will use it as a driver or as a passenger?

Lease vehicle

If you wish to buy a lease vehicle, it’s very important to begin by discovering the life of this one. In general, if the vehicle had only one previous owner, this one will not be a problem and the owner could present to you the notebook of maintenance well replete. In other hand, if the vehicle has changed several time of owner, this would be more difficult to discover his history. For that don’t hesitate to observe all the invoice. Before closing the deal verify:

  • The notebook: He indicates the service up to date, the control, the replacement of the piece. If the sales assistant don’t want to present to you the notebook, be suspicious, because maybe the car didn’t have the necessary change.
  • The invoice: She indicate to you the maintenance and the replacements that has been made.
  • Outside: verify the seal, tires and the windscreen wiper
  • Inside: Verify the meter, the covers (they can hid burns or holes), the carpets, the control board, the air conditioning, the spare wheel.
  • The motor
  • Trying the car is necessary

Buying your new car

Generally, you would have the choice between pay your new car cash, or obtain it via a leasing. If the leasing is an interesting solution, and usually proposed by the mechanics, this one is more can be more expensive than predicted. Pay is car allows you to be the owner. If you need a large amount of money in order to pay your car we suggest that you take a car credit.

The car loan

Perfect for the buying of a new car, the loan will allow you to borrow the amount of your choice, by selecting a payment spreading until 6 years. You wish to obtain a non-binding offer? Consult the page of our partner and do a car loan request.

Choose an insurance

There are several insurances possible for your new car Each, insurance company propose its benefits so sometimes it’s quite difficult to do the right choice. Basically, you will have the choice between a complete Casco or a partial Casco. A lot of people don’t know that but the insurance company propose automatically in case of interest a free offer without obligation. Don’t hesitate to effectuate a request advice towards our partner PrestFlex-Service: Advice in insurance.

In case of contention

A contention linked to the purchase of your new car are coming more frequently that you think: Contention with a mechanic, with your insurance for example. In this case, we recommend that you in order to protect you to subscribe to a legal protection to know more about.

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