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How does it work the retirement in Switzerland

The retirement in Switzerland lie on third pillars: The first one is the AVS, the second one is the LPP and the third one is an optional insurance. How does it works? We will explain to you the system below:

  • The AVS ( first pillar): During our active life a part of our salary will be removed and then put on the contingency fund. You won’t be able to get it until the age of 64 for the women and 65 for the men. Sadly, with the life becoming more and more expensive it’s not possible today to live only fron this pension. That why numerous of people are doing a third pillar to ensure them enough money for their retirement in Switzerland
  • The LPP(second pillar): This foresight as to main goal: firstly to reinforce the AVS and second one to protect you in case of accident or sickness. Indeed, if you are in incapacity to work the AI pension will give you a sum of money in order to live properly.
  • The individual foresight ( third pillar): This one is optional. However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe one. The 3a pillar is called the linked one. This mean that you can remove in only when you will have been reaching the age of 65 years old. The 3b pillar is called a free one. You will have the possibility to remove it at any time.

Why do I need the third pillars?

When the solution of the AVS was established at the outset, it should be sufficient to ensure adequate retirement citizens. At the time, in fact, there were many workers to finance the AVS retired. Today, however, the proportion of workers is shrinking relative to the proportion of retired. This phenomenon is due mainly to two factors:

  • Increase of the life expectancy: People are living more and more old, but the age of the retirement is not developing
  • Iageing of the population: The numbers of birth decreases, there is not enough child today to ensure the retirement of retires of tomorrow.

Aware of this problem, the citizen are saving more and more money for their retirement in Switzerland. That’s why numerous people are opting for the third pillars.

Ask for some help from a specialist

The retirement in Switzerland is a problem that you mustn’t be taken lightly. So if you want to have some information on the matters of to plan the retirement in Switzerland we recommend that you call on a professional. This one could propose to you for free, advices and make you a free offer for a solution for an appropriate third pillars. Do you want to receive an offer and ensure optimal personification of your retirement? We suggest that you call on without delay to a qualified advisor. Don’t hesitate to do a request: Ask for an advice by a specialist for a saving insurance of quality.

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