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Solar Panel Installation: Reduce Costs and Maximize Your Investment

Solar energy has become one of the most promising solutions to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. With the installation of solar panels, you can not only reduce your energy bill, but also generate clean and sustainable energy. However, the process of installing solar panels can seem complicated and expensive. In this article, we will […]

Private Credit: Your Ally for a Stress-Free Move

Moving is an exciting time but can also become expensive. Between security deposits, truck rentals and the purchase of new furniture, expenses can quickly accumulate. However, private credit can be a useful financial solution to deal with these expenses in a practical way. In this article, we will explore how private credit can be an […]

Renovations: Achieve Your Dreams with Private Credit

With the arrival of the renovation season, the idea of improving your home or investing in a refreshing pool you’ve always wanted becomes more enticing than ever. And why not seize the opportunity to purchase a vacation home abroad to enjoy your holidays in total relaxation? However, costs can often be a significant obstacle. But fear […]

Loan Solutions for Diplomats

Secure Financing in Switzerland: Tailored Loan Solutions for Diplomats Switzerland, a hub for diplomacy and international cooperation, hosts a vibrant community of diplomats and international organisation employees. These distinguished professionals, while contributing to global dialogue and peace, face unique financial challenges, particularly when it comes to securing personal loans. This article aims to shed light […]

Loan for expatriate

How to obtain credit in Switzerland when you are an expatriate, a diplomat, or an international civil servant?

Is it possible to find a loan when you are an expatriate? Yes, it is. If you want to finance your children’s education such as private schools and universities, buy land, a house, a building in your home country, or simply buy a car, our team is perfectly able to advise you. Our consultants speak English and we have handled many projects from expatriates.

QR-bills, MultiCredit in Fribourg

How will the arrival of QR-bills impact your monthly personal loan payments?

QR-bills will replace the classic payment slips. Indeed, from October 1st 2022, these payment slips will disappear entirely and it will no longer be possible to pay your monthly private credit instalments with them. The good news is the appearance of QR-bills which will allow you to pay more simply and quickly.

Financing for executives

How can you obtain financing with the best conditions when you are an executive, manager or company director?

At MultiCredit, we offer financing solutions for executives, managers and business owners. With simple, fast and efficient procedures, we can find you the best conditions on the market.

Interest rate Fribourg

Do you know the interest rates that apply when you sign a credit contract?

When you apply for a loan, the interest rate is an important element before signing. Knowing the different types of interest rates applicable will allow you to compare several offers between them. It will also allow you to increase your bargaining power.

Protect your credit with PPI

Why is PPI (Payement Protection Insurance) legitimate in this particular context?

Payment Protection Insurance will protect your financing in multiple ways. In case of involuntary unemployment, total incapacity to work or incapacity of earnings, you will be protected by the PPI. We can’t always cover ourselves against the unexpected events, it is therefore recommended to insure its monthly payments.

MultiCredit finds the best solutions

From traditional banks to financial consulting companies – the evolution of the financial sector

The financial sector is changing. New technologies have drastically changed the way financial companies handle a customer’s request.

Financement écologique Fribourg

Don’t wait any longer and entrust your green financing projects to MultiCredit!

MultiCredit takes care of all green projects. There are many advantages. Don’t wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by an ecological project.

Differences between leasing and car financing MultiCredit expert credit loan Fribourg Zurich Geneva Zug Switzerland car loan

Differences between leasing and car financing

Differences between leasing and car financing You have found your next car already and it’s time to think about how you will finance its purchase. Take a look on the comparison between two of the most common car financing methods: leasing and car financing via auto credit. Car financing Leasing Mileage No restriction, the car […]

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