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An interesting tax system!

After seducing France, the portuguese real estate market is now targeting Swiss seniors to invest in a retirement plan in Portugal. Indeed, settling on the iberian seaside has never been more interesting for Swiss people! Only 3 conditions are required in order to not pay taxes as a Swiss pensioner in Portugal.

  • You must not have been a tax resident in Portugal during the last 5 years before you move there.
  • To be spending at least 183 days per year in Portugal and this without working.
  • To rent or own a property.

An advantageous real estate market

Although real estate prices seem to stabilize in Portgual, investing in a property is more than ever a good opportunity! Transactions are 3 times less frequent than 10 years ago and prices have dropped down to 30%! According to the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics, the m2 average price in the whole country is limited to 1014 euros. In Algarve for instance, you won’t have to pay more than 400’000 euros for a house next to the beach!

Spending your retirement on the beach?

Investing in you retirement in Portugal could also mean buying a little house next to the beach and renting it while you reimburse the mortgage loan. Meanwhile, you will be able to enjoy all the good things Portugal has to offer!

  • Nice and warm weather.
  • Safe environment.
  • Cheap cost of leaving.
  • Authentic and rich culture.

Do you wish to invest in Portugal?

If you wish to invest in real estate in Portugal, you shouldn’t wait any longer! However, we advise you to consult a mortgage specialist before you make any commitment for this lifetime purchase! He will be able to inform you about your options and provide help with the procedure. Our partner Creditloan can offer you a free contact with an advisor or with a reliable real estate agency!

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