Is it possible to request a credit under prosecutions ?

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Credit with prosecutions: what does the swiss law say?

The Swiss LCC (Law on the consumer credit see (the text in question) doesn’t stipulate directly that the credit with prosecutions is forbidden.

Nevertheless ”the consumer is deemed to have the ability to contract a credit, when he can reimburse it without breaking the insisable part of his income. art. 93, al, 1 codified in the Federal Statue on debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy.”

The prosecutions indicating an actual inability to repay prior debts, it follows that the consumer having debts won’t have, in the law status, the ability to reimburse a credit. That is why the banks are systematically rejecting credit requests during prosecutions. If obtaining a personal loan for adjusting debts in certain case can be a good idea, it is however mandatory to put in order its prosecutions before requesting a credit.

Debts consolidations

Debts consolidations consist of regrouping all its debts (credit cards balances, leasings, credit invoices) under one big loan. This financial solution is interesting because it allows you to stagger your reimbursement over a longer duration. Moreover, this one will come with a lower monthly bill and will reduce interest rate. Even if this financial solution can be ideal when a person his under debts, it remains however a personal credit. The banks won’t accept the request in case of prosecutions.

What are the other alternatives in case of prosecutions?

The better solution is to pass by a debt collection agency. This compagny could provide you help and advice in case of financial problems. Concretly such a society is proposing the following services:

  • A Free evaluation of the budget of the consummer and the states of these debts.
  • A debt management (paid by the consumer) and negociations with creditors.
  • A follow up until a budgetary consolidation is made.

To whom turn to in case of debts?

If you have prosecutions, banckruptcy, or if you have had several credit refusals, the best thing to do is to call on a specialist. Our partner CreditLoan is proposing a debt collection service for consumers who are under prosecutions for example.

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