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Keep your vehicle: credit for your leasing

The problem with a leasing is that firstly your vehicle doesn’t belong to you and secondly, you are engaged at the level of the contract, on several years. By becoming the owner of the vehicle you could:

  • Choose freely the type of insurance and drive without worried about mileage
  • Choose to repaint or modify the adjustment of your vehicle without referring to the leasing contract
  • Choose to resale the car that belongs to you

How does a credit to repurchase your leasing work?

A credit for your leasing consists of taking out a loan towards a bank. The sum that would be obtained will allow you to repurchase completely your leasing and become the owner of your car.

Usually, the loan agencies take charge themselves of the leasing repurchase and you won’t have any approach to do. The amount borrowed will be reimbursed on the monthly spread between 1 to 6 years, with the possibility to do an anticipated reimbursement. The cost of the interest term could even be sometimes more interesting than the cost leaded from your leasing credit. You wish to know more about this solution or obtain a leasing repurchase offer without commitment?
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Transmit your vehicle: make a leasing transfer

If you with to get rid of your vehicle, you have two possibilities to do so. Each of them have some advantage and disadvantage:

  • Credit leasing: You make a loan towards a bank so that it could do a leasing repurchase. You are free to resale your vehicle. The sum that you win will allow you to reimburse the borrowing and get back the excess for yourself.
  • Leasing transfer: The solution of the leasing transfer consists to transmit your leasing contract to a third person who will take it back to the same condition as yourself.

How to: leasing transfer

You are interested about a leasing transfer? The more simple is usually to put an advertise. Numerous of web site in Switzerland allow you to put an advertise for a leasing transfer:,, … You just have to negotiate the leasing transfer with the banks with the potential person interested.

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