Compound interest and credit card balance

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What are compound interests?

If you choose not to pay the total amount of your credit card balance, an interest will be charged on the balance due. This interest will then generate new interest: this is the compound interest. In case you have an important amount to pay and decide to pay it in several months, the compound interest could represnt an higher cost than expected.

An example

Let’s say you have a 2’000 Chf balance due on a credit card, and you choose to pay 100 chf / month for the reimbursement. How many months for a full repayment, and how high will be the compound interest?

Par exemple vous avez une facture de 2’000 Chf de carte de crédit, et choisissez de la rembourser avec des mensualités de 100 Chf, en combien de mois sera remboursée votre facture si l’on tient compte des intérêts et intérêts composés, et combien d’intérêts composés payerez-vous au total? We save you the calculation details here, but with a rate of 15%:

  • You’ll need 24 months to repay your balance due.*
  • You will pay a total interest of 280 Chf. *

* These amounts are indicative and may vary according to the method of calculation.

How about a debt consolidation loan?

Compound interest become even more important if your repayment is spread over a long duration. If you have an high credit card balance and choose to pay in several months, a debt consolidation loan could be a solution. Indeed, you will have the possibility to pay your credit card balance at once, and benefit from a lower interest rate.

Learn more

Compound interest can represent a significant burden. If you have a large unpaid balance on one or more credit cards, do not hesitate to inquire about a debt consolidation loan solution. Our partner Creditloan will be able to help you and offer you a free analysis of your situation.

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