Independent credit in Switzerland: which solutions?

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Two solutions to consider

Whatever the types of your company (SA, SARL, individual company.). It exists mainly two solutions to have a loan: effectuate your demand to your own name or to the name of your company. In both cases the money that you will receive will allow you to have some cash for your buisness, but each solution have both advantages and specific particularities.

Loan on behalf of your company

This solution is the more current. You have the possibility to obtaint a more important amount. The loan is given to the company to the following modalities:

      • Because it’s your company who is borrowing the money, you must give a balance sheet of your business. The interest rate will depend on the financial situation of your company:
      • You must usually provide a justification from the reason of your borrowing.
      • The study of feasibility can take several times depending on the bank who is treating the request.
      • It exists often several types of borrowing: fixed rate, variable rate or leasing (including real estate).

Independent credit at your own name

It is a personal loan that is fullfilled at your own name, as an independent. If the solutions are usually more restricted, the personal credit for independent has however some advantages:

      • No need to provide a balance sheet of your company: the loan is made at your own name, you won’t have to provide your last taxation sheet.
      • The money can be freely used, as much as your own account (personal project) as for your company without justification.
      • The process is easier and faster. A decision can be given within 1-2 days only and the money would be deposed on your account within 7 days.

For a credit on the name of your company you must obligatory request it to the bank. An independent loan on your own name is more flexible and will allow you to make a comparison of various offers. If you are searching for a loan in Switzerland, you can ask our partner who will allow you to obtain a free offer without commitment.

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