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Interest rate reduction and loans: how does it work?

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What is an interest rate reduction?

When you bowwor money with a personal loan, your credit will always involvles an interest rate, generally of 5.9% to 14.5%. This loan interest rate will vary depending on your situation and the financial institution you are dealing with. An interest rate reductions consists of:

  • Change the interest rate of your current loan. The new rate will apply to the balance of your loan.
  • If the rate reduction is performed by another company, this company will rebuy your loan to the old company. That means the credit is then “transferred” from one establishment to another.

Who to contact?

Your bank will rarely offer an interest rate reduction. If it is possible to ask for such a reduction, you the chances are rather small. For that reason, the best solution is to ask to a loan broker like, for example, CreditLoan (at this link). The broker will study your case and, with its experience, will try to:

  • Negotiate with your bank to get a lower interest rate.
  • Or look for another institution who will allow you to benefit from a best rate.

Advantages and disadvantages

The immediate benefit is of course financial. With a lower interest rate, your monthly repayment bills will immediately decrease. However, you must remain aware that each request made can be registered at the ZEK. Thus, too many declined demands could lead to a bad credit history. For this reason above all, it is important to contact a trusted company for any interest rate decrease request.

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