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Why should you pay your debts as quickly as possible?

Indeed, if credit cards are really useful in that they allow a refund over many months, the interest rate on the unpaid amount is usually quite high. In fact, choosing to repay a credit card debt over several months can lead to quite high interests to pay. We offer you some advice on how to settle your credit card debts.

Maximize repayments

When you receive a credit card bill, this one indicates the minimum amount to repay. The choice to pay this minimum amount can seem attractive. However, by opting for this solution, you lengthen the process of eliminating your debt, leading to higher interest to pay. Sometimes, it is better to make small sacrifices such as avoiding restaurants, cofee, and maximize your repayments. In fact, such small things can easily help reducing the debt from your credit cards.

Choosing the best credit cards

In Switzerland, credit card offers are numerous, and unfortunately very uneven. Do not hesitate to compare offers in order to select the best one. Many elements often neglected can help you to make your choice:

  • The interest rate: this rate is particularly important is you plan to pay your bills over several months.
  • The annual cost:

Resting a debt consolidation loan

This debt consolidation loan (see the article of CreditLoan about credit cards) solution is often not well known. Yet it provides an easy way to settle your credit card debts. Indeed, it’s easy to ask for a free non-binding offer towards any loan advisor. This solution will allow you to save money and to regroup your different debts linked to credit cards.

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