What’s the advantages of using a loan broker

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What is a credit broker?

A credit broker is a person who will submit your records to several banks and will then choose for you the best offer. (Find the best rate, the best reimbursement duration, etc…) Instead of a bank counsellor, who himself sale numerous of financials products, a credit broker on the contrary is specialised in the loan area. He is doing this all day long and knows by heart the different offers from the banks.

What is the cost of a credit broker?

Requesting a loan via a credit broker doesn’t cost any money. Indeed, every loan counsellor in Switzerland is remunerated by the banks whom they have contracts with. It is generally estimated that the cost per records accepted is 1%.

What are the criteria of a credit broker?

The credit broker who is suitable for everyone is the one who propose the best services, offers, which is listening his customers and available for them. The competition being very hard in this area recently, it is important for the future borrower to verify the notoriety of this one before committing himself. Discover the different solutions for finding a credit broker:

      • The references: friends, colleagues, or family
      • Internet: it exists different website where it is possible to compare loan brokers. Depending on various criteria (services, identity and characteristics of the enterprise, rate obtained by the banks, etc..) the person can have an idea which one would be the more suitable for him.
      • Advertising: signs, newspapers or televisions

What is the advantage to choose a loan broker?

Discover the different advantages to call on a loan broker:

      • A saving time: the professional is handling everything. Contact with the different financial organisms, contract negotiation, finding the best offers at the lowest rate, etc… Moreover the answer from the bank is always more quicker when a person is passing through his services.
      • Best credit deal: the broker can get a credit at the best conditions towards the banks.
      • Availability and reactivity: the professional broker is always available for answering the questions of his clients, links to their requests.
      • An objective opinion: he does not encourage the banks his objective is to find the best offer for his clients. That’s why this professional will always give you an impartial advice on such or such banks.

At last….

The multitude of offers and the complexities are often sources of bad decisions and hazard choice. If you wish to effectuate a loan request, the better is to ask a loan advisor, in order to have all the informations before committing yourself. Our partner CreditLoan specialised for many years in credit area would be pleased to study your credit request and propose you in case of interest a free interview without commitment.

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