Bank credit in Switzerland: what does it mean?

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Why choosing a bank credit?

The term credit refers to a loan and the “bank credit” one refers logically to a loan taken from a bank. In the end, there is no real difference between a credit and a bank credit. Let’s discover why:

  • The credit sector is very strict in Switzerland and only authorized banks can offer loans.
  • Credit agencies, independent brokers and other organisations offering loans must always work closely with at least one bank and what they offer in the end is also a bank credit.

Loan solutions without having to deal with a bank

Most of the time, a credit that is not processed through a bank will be illegal or a scam in the worst case. Even if this is a very regulated sector in Switzerland, there is unfortunately many scam cases still. Therefore we suggest you to be careful, especially if someone offers you a credit from independent to independent or an extremely low interest rate. The only valid exception to the bank credit is the leasing solution without a bank. Even if this is not a real credit (the car is “lended” on a long term duration and does not belong to you), the leasing is a funding solution that is not processed through a bank.

Other terms

Even if each type of loan is in the end a bank credit, you will find various names when it comes to the credit sector, primarly for marketing reasons. The main examples are:

  • Consumer credit: in other words, this is a credit that is specifically made to purchase consumer goods.
  • Specific credit: is a credit made to purchase a specific good: car,…
  • SME credit: a loan granted to a legal entity, in other words: a company or society.
  • Revolving credit: is a type of loan in which the borrower may, at leisure, re-borrow money up to a limit set by the bank. In Switzerland, this type of loan is rather uncommon.
  • Real estate credit: is a loan allocated to financing a property.
  • Debt consolidation:is a loan to buy back debts from loans or credit cards. All bonds are thus united into one new credit.

In the end, even if credit agencies multiply names for marketing reasons, all these loan types are well and truly bank credits.

Get a bank credit in Switzerland

The best way to avoid scam situations and to benefit from an advantageous offer, is to consult a credit expert. Our partner Creditloan ( will be more thank happy to get you a free analyse of your situation in order to offer you a tailored financial solution. Do not hesitate to contact them for a free and non binding offer!

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