Commercial loan: the best alternatives to finance your SME

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What solutions for a commercial loan?

All your business credit options will mainly depend on your company’s situation. Therefore, if you are a self employed, or if you own a LLC/Ltd company, the procedures won’t be the same. Your main commercial loan options are the following:

  • A loan on your behalf: if you are a self employed and your company is registered as a sole proprietorship, you can simply make a loan request in your name. You will then benefit from a credited amount free use and thus be able to invest it in your company if you wish to. With this loan type you will get your money quickly and easily but the credited amount you can get is limited.
  • Business credit from a bank: The procedures to get a commercial loan from a bank are sometimes long depending on the credit type (short or medium term, advance on the current account or real credit,…). But it is also the option that will allow you to get the larger credited amount if your request is accepted.
  • Commercial loan for SME: This is the most unknown alternative yet. The SME credit means that you can get a short or medium term loan for you company while being responsible in case of defaulting payments. This solution will give you the opportunity to get your money quickly and without administrative complications!

Commercial credit for SME: which documents are required?

This rather unknown type of loan has two main benefits: advantageous modalities and easy procedures! For instance, it is possible to get a commercial credit up to 300’000 Chf with only a few forms to deliver to get an analyse of your situation.

  • A valid copy of your Identification card or passport.
  • Your last tax declaration and tax return.
  • Your balance sheet of the last two years.

There are not many agencies offering this type of loan for self employed, LLC or Ltd companies, but our partner Multicrédit offers for example free consultations with experts who could suggest you a free and non binding offer! In any case, if you are looking for a commercial credit, the best way is always to seek some experts advice before you make any commitment!

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