Accident insurance at work: what do you need to know as an employer?

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What is the purpose of an accident insurance?

The accident insurance is a compulsory cover, who will protect your employees in case of accident, whether this one happens during work hours or not. As a manager you must supply it to every employee. Here are the types of person who will benefit from such a coverage:

  • Employees who are working at home.
  • Trainees.
  • Apprentices.
  • And every person who is working minimum 8 hours by week in your society.

Are your employees insured after work?

Yes. The insurance accident don’t only protect people in their workplace, but as well in their leisures, home-based,… If one of your employees is victim of an accident, this one must warn you in order that you can start on the process towards your insurance company. The employee who is enable to work will receive 80% of it’s monthly salary, but the share paid will depend on the coverage that you have chosen. That’s why it’s important to subscribe an accident insurance who will take under account the type of the activity from your employees.

Choosing the right insurance accident?

Because it exists a multiplicity of coverage offers that are proposed, it is not always easy as a manager to do the right choice. Is it better to pay a higher premium and benefits form a better offer or the opposite? What are the real accident risks linked to your business sector? What are the options available and finally towards who turn to?

Call a professional!

If you want to subscribe an accident insurance, the best solution is to be advised by a professional. This one will analyse the risks linked to your business activity and will direct you towards the best insurance possible. In case of interest you can without hesitation request some advice towards our partner creditLoan who will be glad to propose you a confidential interview with a specialist on the field.

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