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Yellow Identification

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What is the ”Yellow Identification”?

The ”Yellow Identification” is a document who attest the identity of his owner. If an identity card is enough for the day to day life, this one is not considered sure enough for certain financial transactions. A ”Yellow Identification” (identification jaune) is a document whom with the identity card will allow more security.

Why the financial companies are asking for a ”Yellow Identification”?

This document answers to a security need setted by the Swiss law regarding money laundering.(LBA, Chapitre 2, Article 3). Indeed,while on a buisiness relation the financial intermediary must check the identity of the contractor based on the supporting documents. In a credit case the transaction are often carried out by mail. ” Yellow Identifications” is filling the criteria linked to this obligation. Demanding a ” Yellow Identification” is above all a lawful obligation from the credit establishment.

How to get this document?

This is the Swiss Post who is delivering this document. This service could be asked directly to the counter or in any post agency. The ”Yellow identification” primarily serves to authentify a person. It is necessary to go to the counter with:

  • An identity proof: passport or an identity card who is valid.
  • 25 Chf who is corresponding to the yellow identification cost.

How long for getting a ”Yellow Identification”?

When you are making a requet to the post office, the document would be given directly to you. To get this attestation you must obligatory go to the counter, you can not receive it by mail.

Article written by the team of CreditLoan.

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