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Why moving to Switzerland?

Contrary to what is sometimes believed, the reasons why the english people chose to live in Switzerland are not always what we imagine.

  • Living conditions and society: Switzerland is renowned for respect for the people and politeness of its citizens. The Swiss are also known for the respect of privacy. If this “Swiss discretion” may sometimes give a bad image of the country (especially in banking) it is an advantage for foreigners wishing to emigrate.
  • Political and economic stability: if the English in Switzerland know that the country is at peace for a long time, many are unaware that the war in Switzerland last date of the 16 th century. Similarly, the security in the country is generally excellent. Economic stability of Switzerland is no longer to describe. The unemployment rate is among the lowest in Europe and helps to attract many foreign workers, especially English Switzerland.
  • Everyday life: the quality of life in Switzerland and is one of the best in Europe. We can quote clean and safe cities, punctuality and especially the density of public transport. Landscapes are also to take in consideration before moving in Switzerland.
  • Moderate taxation: this point, which has been much discussed, however, is not the most important. In fact, the “tax exiles” are not that many (but much discussed). You should know that if the Swiss tax is moderate, it still remains high in comparison to many countries where direct taxes are even lower, or almost nonexistent.

What job opportunity for people moving in Switzerland?

Employment opportunities are generally good, especially in comparison to other European countries. Indeed, it should be noted first of all that Switzerland lacks of qualified staff in many areas (especially the field of medicine for example). The unemployment rate in Switzerland is also very low (3.1% in 2011). Employment opportunities are numerous for English in Switzerland, and a good reason for moving in Switzerland.

What establishment permit for which situation?

In Switzerland, there are different types of permits or documents to live in the country. Work permits are obtained by finding a job. The process to obtain one are made by the future employer. Thus, the English moving in Switzerland do not have to perform any specific action. There are different types work permit, the main ones:

  • Permit C: or permanent residence permit. It is equivalent to permit “CE”. View information about the permit C.
  • Permit B: ou permis de séjour temporaire. Il doit être renouvellé chaque année. Apprenez-en plus sur le Permis B.
  • Permit L: or temporary permit. More limited, it must be renewed regularly. Discover Multicrédit page on the Permit L.
  • Permit G: it is a license for the border. The English in Switzerland sometimes live in France but work in Switzerland and have this type of work permit. See information on the Permit G.
  • Legitimation card: il s’agit d’un papier officiel donné aux ambassadeurs ou personnel de grandes organisations internationales comme en trouve à Genève.

When moving, is it possible to get a loan in Switzerland?

The English in Switzerland needing a loan can easily apply for a loan from banks or broker. However, the conditions are always the same, in particular:

  • Work in Switzerland since at least 3 months
  • Have a sufficient budget

To better understand these terms we suggest you to visit our partner page on the subject: conditions for a private loan in Switzerland. There, you will learn how to credit after moving in Switzerland.

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