Debt relief: how does private deleveraging work?

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Entrust the management of your debts

Private deleveraging consists essentially in entrusting the management of your debts to a third party, generally a debt relief company. In pactical terms:

  • An advisor helps you to determine a monthly budget that leaves enough money to live.
  • You transfer each month a defined amount of money to the debt relief company. This amount will be used to deleverage your debts.
  • The company manages your debts. This includes: negociating with your creditors, defining payment priorities, handling incoming and outgoing correspondence, …

Why use a debt relief company?

In some cases, it is possible to achieve private deleveraging without help, by establishing a rigorous budget. However, a good debt relief advisor provides some additional benefits:

  • A single contact person which is aware of your personal situation and here to advise and inform you when needed.
  • The possibility to spare money on interests, unpaid bills, … Indeed, a good advisor will negociate directly with your creditors to get freezing/reduction of interests or write-off of residual debt for example.

Most importantly, you can end the cycle of mailbox’s fear. Every payment reminder, prosecution threat, etc, will come directly to the debt relief company which will manage this difficult correspondence for you.

What cost?

The companies offering a private deleveraging service do not work freely. Thus, a small part of the money transfered monthly is kept as payment. However, the saving made as a result of negociation with the creditors is generally much larger than the cost of the service itself. The experience of the advisor will determine the saving made on the creditors.

Choose the right solution

In fact, enstrusting the management of your debts can offer real relief. However, it is appropriate to remain vigilant in order to choose a trusted partner. MultiCredit, for example, offers the possibility to meet a specialist in debt relief. Get a free, non-binding, and 100% confidential appointment with a specialist.

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