SME loan: what solutions in Switzerland?

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SME situation in Switzerland

in Switzerland, small and medium companies represent more than 300’000 societies that create almost 3,5 billion jobs (source: SME are the regional economy’s strength and they hire most people in Switzerland. But getting a credit is still complicated for these companies. The administrative process can be long with a lot of forms to deposit. Mr Aslan Münür, Multicredit CEO, explains this reality in his interview for the “Monde Economique” (watch the video here). Read below what are the alternatives.

Alternatives to get a SME credit

Companies often go directly to the banks when they need a credit and they forget that some brokers also offer financing solutions for SME. Requesting a credit to a broker has many advantages when a firm is looking for a loan.

  • Fast and easy treatment: a broker, with his experience, will make you save a lot of time. Plus having your file taken care of will also save you some energy and worries.
  • Credit conditions: When banks usually provide a positive or negative answer, a broker will act as an intermediate and defend his client’s file to his financial partners. Furthermore, when dealing with several banks, he will usually be able to find the best offer possible.

Who can process your SME credit request?

Calling a broker is more advantageous in general then dealing directly with banks. This advice applies to consumer credit, but also SME loans. But you will then have to find a good broker that will:

  • Analyse your request for free.
  • Put his experience at your disposal to make you benefit from the best offer possible.
  • Take care of your file, to make you save some time and simplify administrative procedures.

The broker’s experience and his ability to take care of and defend your file will play a major role when you want to make a SME credit request. There are not many brokers offering SME loans treatment so we recommend you to contact a specialist like Creditloan who will take care of your request, in order to come back with the best offer possible!

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