What are the alternatives to SME loans?

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SME Loan: pros ans cons

A company loan is the most widespreaded solution to get liquidity for its business. Even if it is possible to get good conditions for the credit (see Multicredit for SME solutions), there are some drawbacks:

  • According to your company’s situation, getting a loan can be quite difficult, or even not possible (business being too recent, budget problems, …).
  • If a loan resolves immediate liquidity problems, it is not a long term solution: the credit shall be repaid.

Other solutions

When it comes to funding a project, fill a gab in the budget, or improve its cash-flow, there are several solutions not always known for SME and independents. Here are some of them.

Rental guarantee

Did you deposit an amount in a blocked account as a rental guarantee? It is possible to choose a rental guarantee without bank deposit. For a low annual cost, this guarantee will replace your bank deposit and thus allow you to use this money for other projects. For more information, you can chek our main page on: PrestaFlex.

SME Leasing

Not always known by business owners, the SME leasing is a solution to fund any equipment, vehicle or machinery for your business without the need to put its own funds. Indeed, it is possible to get new equipment for a low cost. Check this page for more information about this product.

Credit insurance and factoring

Those two complementary products allow you to easily turn unpaid debts into liquidity. With this solution, you can
raise your financial liquidity and lower the risk of non-payment. Also, with a credit insurance, it is possible to lower the risk of bad payment from your debtor’s as well as assign the collection of unpaid receivable. This coverage is a guarantee to get liquidity.

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