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Which type of pool is right for you?

Before you decide the shape, size and coating material of your future pool, you have to select which type suits your needs the best and the technical possibilities that your lands allows. Do you want a nice little designed pool, a big one to swim in or a natural water pond in your garden? Your options can be as broad as you imagination!

  • Inground pool: this type of pool is for owners who want to capitalize on their house and enjoy a beautiful relaxation space in their garden. In some villages, you will need to have an authorization before you dig a whole and build the pool. You will also need to add some fitting out costs on the top of the pool’s cost itself which will depend on its size, depth and coating material. You should count at least 2’000 Chf for an inground pool all extra costs not included. You can also buy a semi-inground pool, which is a cheaper and as comfortable alternative.
  • Above ground pool: this solution is ideal for families who want to enjoy the benefits of having a pool at home, while having a smaller budget or space. You won’t have to dig any hole for this project and you can even install it yourself. There is a broad range of shapes and coating at disposal but the depth will always be limited with an above ground pool. This kind of pool would cost you minimum 300 Chf without accessories.
  • Natural pool: this is an original project for owners who are environnement friendly and want a beautiful pool that will blend into their garden’s landscape. The water stays naturally clear thanks to microorganisms action and doesn’t need to be chlorinated. Althouth these ponds are beautiful and healthy, they require much maintenance and important installation costs due to the self-purificaiton system. You should count around 80’000 chf depending on the chosen coating and fittings.

The benefits of having a pool at home

Having a pool at home will provide you many benefits that will quickly overcome the installation costs.

  • A real estate gain: having a pool in your garden is an investment that can upgrade your house value up to 20%! It can also ease its renting or selling.
  • A friendly place: a pool is an ideal space to tighten family and friendly bonds! It is also a great playing ground for children as long as you are well-appointed and you stay alert.
  • Optimize your leisure budget: spending weekends at your home pool is a great way to feel on holiday without having to go anywhere! Forget about trafic and entry tickets, your relaxation space is in your garden!

A financial solution for your pool?

Building a pool can be an expensive project at the beginning but the good thing is that you will take advantage of this investment for many years to come! A pool credit is probably the most suitable financial solution! Enjoy your pool now and reimburse it with a great piece of mind! A credit specialist like Multicredit will be more than happy to make you an offer that will match your needs!

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