Naturalization request: what interest is there when you get a loan?

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How does a naturalization work?

This procedure consists in obtaining the Swiss citizenship. There are two types of naturalization depending on the situation:

  • Regular naturalization: this is the regular procedure to obtain the Swiss citizenship
  • Facilitated naturalization: it is a simplified procedure which concerns the spouse or children of a person who is already Swiss. It also concerns the third generation of foreigners.


Requesting a naturalization involves many steps that you can see on the following website The procedure and its cost depend on the canton you reside in, the commune you are part of and your situation (you can get a regular or a facilitated naturalization).

Naturalization request and credit

In terms of credit, a naturalization can have many advantages. You have to take in consideration that banks calculate a score for their clients in credit request situation. This score reflects a client’s personal and financial situation and is also influenced by his citizenship and work permit.

To set an example, a person with a C permit or a Swiss with the same budget will not have the same score. A naturalization request and the obtainment of the Swiss passport are two important aspects to get a credit. A Swiss citizen benefits of a much higher score than a foreigner.

Swiss citizenship and credit

Even though the score depends on a client’s budget, having the Swiss citizenship can make the difference in getting an approval or a refusal. Citizens can benefit of:

  • Having better chances of getting their credit request approved
  • Having better terms offered (like lower rates)

An example

The interest rate that a client is given can make a huge difference in their monthly costs, specially when the payments last over years. For example a private loan of 50,000 CHF over 60 months:

  • It entails a total interest of 8,967 CHF with a 6,9% rate
  • It entails a total interest of 7,645 CHF with a 5,9% rate

A 1% less can make you save up to 1,200 CHF!

Appeal to a specialist

Did you recently make a naturalization request and got the Swiss citizenship? Do you wish to profit from your new advantages as a Swiss? Why not entrust your dossier to a financing specialist in Swiss loans like MultiCredit Sàrl. Have a free offer with no obligations. Having a specialist’s help can make the procedure easier and can make you have the best terms. Whether you are a Swiss or a foreigner, MultiCredit can make you benefit from the counseling and confidentiality of our experts. Furthermore, profit from flexible solutions and the best rates!

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