Quick loan: how long does it take to get its money?

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A fast loan… how fast?

It is possible to get a quick loan, at least to some point. There are two major steps to get a loan: the offer, which can be quite fast, and the payment, which needs more time.

Get an offer

First, you need to contact a loan dealer: a bank, a credit agency, or a loan broker. In order to get an offer, you need to:

  • Make an initial contact: informing about the needed amount, the repayment duration, and tell more about your situation (budget, expenses, …).
  • Give the required documents: those are necessary for the study of your request. At least it will be a copy of your ID card, last salary slips and health insurance policy.
  • Wait for a decision and, if your request is accepted, wait for the contract.

The delay to get an offer varies according to your situation, to the time necessary to get all the documents together, but also depends on the efficiency of the financial institution. Thus, asking a good loan agency can speed up the process. All in all, you should wait a minimum of 2 – 3 days to receive a decision.

Get your money

If the request is accepted, you will receive the contract to sign. Since 2016, the Swiss laws requires to wait 14 days before the money can be given.

Fast loan: how to speed up the process?

There are some tips to speed up the loan process and get your money faster:

  • The loan agency: a good agency / broker will know precisely the documents needed for your request. Thus, you won’t have to send documents over and over, and save some time.
  • The documents: do not hesitate to prepare all the documents you need in advance and send them by e-mail to save some more time.
  • The payment: you can choose between a delivery on a bank account or you can opt for a withdrawal at the bank, which is faster.

Multicredit: a quick and secure solution

Multicredit is a loan agency specialized in credit for nearly 20 years. Do not hesitate to ask for a free quote!

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