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Visa or Mastercard?

It exists several “payments networks” to whom the credit cards can be attached to. American Express, Discover,.. Nevertheless, in Europe the main cards proposed are Visa and Mastercards. The costs of those cards are more linked to the companies than the card types. In the end the choice between a Visa or a Mastercard has no real importance.

The companies who delivers the card

In Switzerland it exits several companies towards which you can order a credit card:

  • Banks: every bank in Switzerland is proposing Mastercard or Visa cards to their customers.
  • Financial institutions: the more known are www.cornercard.ch and www.viseca.ch.
  • Big companies: some companies like Coop, Migros, Post or even the Cff.

Choose the best offer

The choice is vast and some website like (www.comparis.ch)comparis would be able to help you to choose. However before commiting yourself it is better to ask the good questions:

  • The annual cost of the card: of how much would be the annual cost? This one can vary from an offer to another. Usually it is from 15 to 100 Chf. In certain companies it is possible to do a mix offer while you are ordering a credit card, like that you will reduce the annual cost.
  • The interest rate: The pricipal advantage of the credit is that you don’t have to pay all the balance at the end of the month. However, be aware that the interest cost is high (15% or more). If you want to order a credit card and effectuate the repayment bit by bit it is recommended to inform you about the rate that is charged.
  • Others advantages: At last numerous of companies who are proposing you credit cards, are doing fidelity points programms. If you are using regulary it can be interesting to look into it.

In case of high expenses

In case you have done too much expenses on your credit card it is always possible to do debt consolidation loan debt consolidation. This solution constists of taking a personal credit, who will allow you to reimburse your credit card. By benefiting fom a lower interest rate and better defined monthly bill you would be able to optomize your budget.

Ordering its credit card: approach and payment limit

When you are ordering a credit card, the company will ask some information to the ZEK, in order to check your financial antecedent. You must provide them some proof of your income, who will then define the limit of your card. If the choice of the credit card is wide it is better to inform you before throwing yourself in this adventure.

Article written by Creditloan (www.creditloan.ch)

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