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The Budgetary surplus

This value represents an approximation of the amount you would have at the end of each month, once the charges have been paid and after deduction of the cost of living.

Borrowing capacity

Borrowing capacity allows you to roughly estimate the amount you can get with a loan. It depends directly on the calculation of the budget and the estimated budget surplus.

Our solutions

Do you want a more precise budget calculation or do you want to know how much you could get with a loan? Do not hesitate to ask us, we will gladly analyze your application and propose you a non-binding offer.


They tell us about their plans

The testimony of Mary and John, a quick and easy renewable loan

Young retired owners of a house with a garden, Marie and Jean wished to be able to arrange their land to add a swimming pool, thinking in particular of the frequent visits of their grandchildren.

Their project

Marie and Jean do not know the exact cost of the work, but estimate it at 20’000 Chf and wish to start it without delay. They therefore call on MultiCredit to obtain a quick revolving credit that can be easily adapted to their needs.

The revolving loan application

To obtain a free and non-binding offer a retired couple need only provide as documents a copy of their identity papers, a copy of the KVG/LAMal policy (basic health insurance) and a copy of their pension decisions. As Marie and Jean prefer to use the telephone, they were able to make their request very simply by contacting our agency and send us a copy of their documents by post.

Our proposal

Once the documents were received, our team quickly proposed a loan solution of 25,000 over 60 months. With a rate of 6.9%, this represents a fixed monthly payment of only 595, which includes loan repayment and interest payments. Once the contract was received and signed, Mary and John were able to receive their money directly into their bank account within 14 days.

Credit refinancing Switzerland
Debt consolidation Switzerland

The testimony of Lucie and Antoine, on a cash reserve of 5’000.-

Antoine works as a nurse in Geneva, while Lucie takes care of their only daughter of 3 years. Due to several expenses related to the furnishing of their living room, the couple needs a financial reserve of about 5’000 Chf.

The demand for credit

To apply for their loan, Lucie and Antoine contacted MultiCredit directly by phone. They opted for a 24-month repayment schedule, which leaves them a comfortable budget margin to deal with the unexpected.

Our proposal

After studying the file and the documents sent, our team was able to negotiate with our partners a loan offer of up to Chf 10’000 over 24 months, with a rate of 6.9%. Not needing such a reserve of money, the couple chose a loan of 8’000 Chf, a monthly cost of 357 Chf.

Use of the financial reserve

Once the loan money is paid out, Lucie and Antoine are free to use the amount obtained according to their needs and desires. With this reserve of money, Antoine was able to pay the last bills related to the furnishing of their living room, buy a new bed for their daughter, and a new bicycle for himself and his wife.

Hanelore and Kevin’s testimony: buying a kayak with a private loan

Hanelore’s a hairdresser and Kevin’s a vet. They’ve both been living together for two years now. In order to try new adventures, the couple decided to buy two kayaks, and looked into the solution of a private loan to finance this project.

The project: the choice of kayak model

While it is possible to buy inflatable kayaks for prices around 500 Chf, the couple preferred to choose quality. In the end, they opted for:

  • Two leisure kayaks, single-seater, at 1680.00 each
  • A transport trailer for kayaks worth 2’200.-
  • That’s a total cost of 4,580.-

In what name should I apply for the loan?

Since Hanelore and Kevin were not married, they did not have the opportunity to make a “joint” application that took into account their combined income. Since Kevin, a doctor by profession and employed in a clinic, earns more than Hanelore, they decided to take out the loan on her behalf. Since they live in a household, it was possible to optimize the budget by considering that Kevin pays “only” half of the rent.

The offer

Kevin being in a good situation, our team was able to offer them a loan of 5’000 Chf over 12 months. With a short repayment period, the monthly payment is a little higher, but the total interest is very advantageous. Indeed, with a rate of 6.9%, the couple will only have to pay 183 Chf of interest in total! With the money obtained, the couple was able to finance the purchase of a kayak each without difficulty.


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