Category: Credit Repurchase

How to obtain credit in Switzerland when you are an expatriate, a diplomat, or an international civil servant?

Is it possible to find a loan when you are an expatriate? Yes, it is. If you want to finance your children's...

Visa and Mastercard limit: how is it calculated?

Nowadays, nearly everyone owns one or more credit cards. However, the limits granted differ considerably from one situation to another. Do you...

Comparison of interest rates: the pitfalls to keep in mind

The first thing that comes to mind when considering a personal loan is to check and compare the interest rate. Agencies are...

Increase of credit card fees

A recent study published by points out that most of credit card providers increased fees for Visa and Mastercard. Why such...

What are the conditions to get a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation is a solution - not always known - to group your different commitments. It allows you to pay one...

Debit processing (LSV) or Direct Debit (DD): management of your payments!

Do you have difficulties to make your payments on time? Do you want to have a better organisation for the management of...

Indebtedness of Swiss consumers

Approximately 40 % of Swiss consumers are indebted. What are the causes of indebtedness in Switzerland? And how to way out of debts?

Credit cards : how to optimize your budget ?

Your wallet is full of credit cards and makes your finances uncomfortable ? Let's discover our tips to optimize your budget and refind...

Credit repayment: how to save money on your loan?

Many people make personal loans in Switzerland (more than 400’000 contracts in 2014), but credit repurchase is a less common financial solution....

Broker in Geneva – How to choose best?

Are you looking for a broker in Geneva? Finance, insurance, foresight…whom to contact? Do you live in Geneva and you need an...

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